Photoshopped Pictures by Paula Audije


1. I have always been a huge fan of the divergent series ever since the first movie was released. I didn’t have the chance to read its book but I’m pretty sure that even the book of this series would be beyond perfect. There are times that I’ve dreamt of becoming Tris Prior who is the lead actress in this movie. Lots of teeanage girls on my age would be really desperate to become Tris Prior and have their own Tobias Eaton a.k.a Four. Truly, this movie did a job well done because there are myriad of people out there who loves the divergent series as much as I do. So here is my edited photo which I did on the photoshop application. I grab the divergent poster picture on the internet and pinned my picture with it. It’s not perfect, I know. I’m not even sure if I edited my picture with the right adjustments to go and blend with the poster. Nevertheless, I’m pretty much happy with my own work. All the hard work paid off since my delusional side is rejoicing because at least I had the chance to be with Four and Tris even if it’s just in a petty photoshopped picture.


2. Who would not love being on the beach, right? If you’re gonna ask me what drives me to come up with the idea of this photoshopped picture, well let me tell you three reasons why. The first one is, I’ve always be in love with the water. Whether it’s just on an artificial swimming pool with full of chlorine chemicals or in a salty water surrounded by calming sand. Being soaked in water always made me feel safe. I don’t know if it’s just me or not but the sound of the waves is very soothing and gives me pleasure in the most platonic way possible. Second, beach means vacation!! When would someone be on the beach? Of course to make some relaxation. Wouldn’t it be odd to work on the beach? But I could maybe consider it someday. The third at last reason is, I have beautiful memory about the beach. My best friend loved beach resorts so much since they own one and eventually I’ve grown my affection onto it, too. Whenever I see a beach or an ocean, she’s always the first person who pops on my mind.



3. I will be having a gig this coming weekend, will you be able to come? Lol just kidding! As you can see I have this wild interest in singing and playing a guitar. I call it a wild interest since I my like for singing and guitar doesn’t like me back. You see, I’m a frustrated singer and I suck at using musical instruments. If given a chance, I would really try my best to be an average singer and to know even the basics on playing a guitar. But as I grow older, my hopes are diminishing into thin air. How could I be able to that? My time for accomplishing lots of my academic works isn’t enough already so I guess I won’t be having time to learn those things, too. Don’t mind my petty frustrations anymore! At least I get to have this picture of me singing while holding a guitar, right? I could even imagine myself singing in front of people while their chilling and drinking coffee or beer.



4. Am I being bitter after editing an awesome picture which is pretty much filled with love and transforming it to a heartbreaking one? You see, the original picture holds the couple, a newly-wed couple and a beautiful landscape around them and they’re under a blue and calming sky. Then I used photoshop to edit it and turned the sky into red. I changed the color of the sky to change the mood in the photo because it would be pretty weird to have a heartbreaking scene while they’re under a peaceful blue sky. Then I added the girl-on-fire in front. Obviously, she’s pretty jealous with the couple and maybe she loved the guy so much and it hurts her to see him happy with another girl. She would do anything to destroy them. She even made the red sky precipitate the rain in the form of fire. But that situation won’t stop the love of the couple. The girl-on-fire was even more hurt now after seeing the couple happy despite of what she have done trying to destroy them. I am so attached in this photo because it really breaks my heart. I mean, c’mon! LOOK. The girl is just helplessly and madly in love with someone she can’t have. While editing this photo, I’m just all like.. ‘aww!’



5. I have always dreamt of becoming a model. I mean, who won’t like being a model, right? So I grab a picture from google and it’s pretty hard because I need to find a picture that would compliment my own picture. Then I pinned my photo wearing a gown here. This picture of mine wearing a gown took place just a month ago. I’m wearing a gown there since I am portraying Juliet from Romeo and Juliet for our school project. I am quite contented with my editing skills here. Look! I really am a model in here. Fab, isn’t it? Oh how I wish this photo would be damn true someday. At first, I wanted to grab a high-end photoshoot image to pin my photo with. By high-end, I mean pictorial for the magazines, posters and the like. But I end up getting a photoshoot scenery in which I’m just like having my pre-debut pictorial for my 18th birthday. Lol, anyway at least I get to become a model even if it’s just in a picture.



6. Yeah it looks ridiculous, I know. Please don’t mind my pose too much, I need to pose like that to edit this photo! So I decided to take a new picture of me with the pose like that so I can pin it to another picture. You see, it seems like I’m holding something. I’ve thought of putting a building on top of my hands. But I thought to myself, “what would be the meaning of that?” And I’m lose for words. So instead, I grab a picture of the whole world. I’ve attached a globe on top of my hands. The photo holds meaning, mind you! It signifies that we, humans, have the control of the world on our hands. It is our responsibility to take care of it or crash it down. WE SHOULD BE THE STEWARDS OF GOD’S CREATION. And the background? Um, no. It doesn’t hold any meaning. I just thought it’s cute so I put it there.



7. Hey hey hey! Look who became a princess here. Lol! Disclaimer: No I’m not a Genovian Princess haha. Oh how lovely would it be to become a real princess, right? I have been a fan of Princess Diaries 1 & 2 since day one! I didn’t actually catch its screening on the wide screen because I was way younger by then. But when I had the chance to watch it last 2014, I was so hooked! I mean who would not want to become a princess like what Mia right? Although her experience of becoming a queen isn’t that good, at least she became one. I’ve also learned a lot from these films. Like, not leaving your best friend behind even if your so blinded with fame and we should always know what we were before and remember to always put our feet on the ground. Truly, most girls would desperately have the luxuries in life like what Princess/Queen Mia had in this movie. Until now, I’m still waiting for my grandma to tell me that I’m the lost princess of Genovia and would be pull out from school. Yay!


Okay.. So let’s now go with the text manipulated photos.



8. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good! Potterhead spotted. Yes I am a very very huge fan of the Harry Potter series. However, I’m just new in this fandom since the first time that I’ve seen these movies was just last 2015. I almost spend all the days of my summer vacation watching Harry Potter and repeating it over and over again. Sadly, I still can’t get the chance to read the books of this series. But hopefully, this 2017 summer vacation might be the right time to accomplish my almost forgotten goal. So I manipulated my name, “PAU” by clipping Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger’s picture as a background. Also, I have no idea what to put on the background because it’s so plain. So I decided to just use the gradient tool to add some artsy fancy stuffs there.


text manipulation2.jpg

9. After putting image on my nickname, I decided to also do some artsy fancy stuff with my surname. So I chose to edit some glowing effects with my surname. And the reason why I chose this effect? Nothing much. I just think that it’s cool, isn’t it? So I came up of using a black background. Then using the text option in the photoshop, I typed my surname. Then, by using the gradient tool, I changed the color of the text. Then I copied the text with the changed color by using Crtl+J then adding another layer. On the another layer, I rendered the clouds then clicked the color dodge. After that, I clicked the copied layer and use a Gaussian blur to disseminate the glowing effect. There are some few adjustments to make to achieve this look. And for the final touch, I just clicked the blending options then picked the outer glow and used some adjustments again then there it is.



10. Fire effect is what I picked for my final text manipulated photo. It’s quite easy since there’s just lot of adjustments to make and it’s not that complicated. However, I became confused with some stuffs so I watched some videos on youtube to make sure that I’m doing it right. Although it’s not that perfect, I’m pretty much happy with the outcome. So, like every edited pictures here, this photo also holds meaning. I’m sure you’re wondering what does this three letter (JMP) stands for. Well, it’s my family’s abbreviation for our names. J stands for Jonathan and Joyce. Jonathan is my father while Joyce is my eldest sister. M stands for Marinel and Micah. Marinel is my mother while Micah is my elder sister. And obviously, P stands for my name which is Paula.


Thanks for viewing my photoshopped pictures! And please don’t judge. Beginner here! (: xoxo.


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