“Let’s All Support Handwritten Letters” by Paula Audije

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Don’t you think that people have forgotten about the value of handwritten letters? Don’t you think it’s becoming more and more underrated as time goes by? You wanna know why? It’s because of the changes in the modern world. Technology had taken over the importance of letters.

“Handwritten letters? Why waste effort pa? Kaya naman yan gawin through using e-mail in technology devices?”

Nowadays, people have been having the same mentality about this matter. The quotation above is one of the most common question or statement being told or thought by many of us. But I believe that this mentality is wrong in so many different aspects. Why do people think that writing letters are just a waste of effort? Maybe some people don’t appreciate the time spent by a person to write one. Maybe some people don’t realize how cheesy it is not to strain from tradition. Maybe some people don’t know how fast a message on the internet can be deleted in just one click while handwritten letters aims for permanency if kept safely.

What’s the advantage of receiving a handwritten letter than getting an e-mail? Here are some:

  1. People enjoy holding onto a card or note from someone they care about. They’ll stick them on the fridge, on a desk, on a bulletin board, in a drawer…they’ll KEEP their little remembrance!
  2. We put time into the things we care about. So when you receive one, you must feel really special because someone out there spent their time to write something for you.
  3. Unless you tell the person you’re mailing them a note, most people are not expecting to find a card from you.
  4. So even if you’re not a “romantic” person, there is definitely something special about receiving a note from your spouse or boo.
  5. Sometimes we just need to take a break. Get off the computer and off of the phone.So why not take that breather AND do something nice for someone else by writing a letter.
  6. When people write you a note, it automatically lets you know that you are important to them.
  7. Handwritten letters are so damn pure that can make anyone’s heart melt. Why would you spend your time for someone you don’t care about, right?

I believe that handwritten letters will never EVER go out of style. It may look like an old fashion for some but it’s value will never be any less as time goes by. People may forget it once in a while but there will always be some instances in life where our fate would be the one to bring us back to what we used to love. Let us all support handwritten letters!


Photosource: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CezbtN_W8AI0w3h.jpg


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